Calligraphic Symphonies by Gottfried Pott



Calligraphic Symphonies / Kalligrafische Sinfonien by Gottfried Pott




Dual Language - German / English
Zwei Sprache - Deutsch / English

Publisher’s Synopsis

Gottfried Pott... his seminars are booked out immediately here in Europe, as well as the rest of the world, and reactions to his calligraphy workshops in book form are consistently enthusiastic and the demand for „Schrift, Klang, Bild“, his (sadly now out-of-print) coffee table book doesn’t stop.

Is there a longing for the original? or for individualism and authenticity? But for sure, the longer this longing that gets stronger, the faster and more virtual the world will become.

To Gottfried Pott, Calligraphy is visualized music, he composes fugues (a musical form in which a theme is first stated, then repeated and varied with accompanying contrapuntal lines) out of letters.

Now is your chance to get to know his latest composition: Discover the 26 calligraphic symphonies that capture the “sound of type”. Explore the concord and rhythm of text... And, who knows, maybe you’ll explore your own rhythm as well.

Calligraphy is visual meditation, it’s the mirror of your moods. Its curves and lines are visualized movement. And when this happens, they remain – to delight you and others.

1st edition 2010, Hb, 218pp

Calligraphic Symphonies / Kalligrafische Sinfonien by Gottfried Pott
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