The Gilded Page by Kathleen Whitman



The Gilded Page by Kathleen Whitman




Publisher’s Synopsis

The revival of interest in the history and practice of illu¬mination that has occurred over the last two centuries ensures a con¬tinuing audience for the art of gilding. Craftspeople such as Edward Johnston and Graily Hewitt, who did so much to stimulate the early twentieth-century revival of calligraphy and illumination in the West, used their studies of medieval manuscripts to inform their own experimental works. Such a constructive synthesis is maintained in the present book where the gifted illuminator, Kathleen Whitley, skillfully guides her readers through a wealth of valuable historical information (and a potted history of art en route) to lead them to an understanding of the techniques in their broader context which can underpin and stimulate their own creativity, whether in the practice of illumination or its study.

This second edition has been revised and with addition of colour plates and new information on ancient Egyptian Papyrus gilding. The Gilded Page traces the history of gilding from ancient Egypt and Babylon through Rome, the Near East, Mediæval and Renaissance Europe, and finally into the modern day studio.

This is a must-have book for book artists and illuminators, explaining in detail the historical and modern techniques of manuscript gilding, along with recipes and helpful hints. Learn step-by-step methods of applying and burnishing gold, described in a sensible and easy-to-understand way. Learn about the tools, methods, and materials employed in flat, raised, and pattern gilding for manuscripts and paintings, along with historical mordants such as Gesso Sottile, Gum Ammoniac, Gum Arabic, and Garlic Juice; and modern mordants such as Acrylic Gesso and White Glue.

This work is the most complete source available for detailed information on this ancient, obscure, and highly-prized craft. The Gilded Page is a valuable resource for conservationists and historians, as well as any artists interested in this ancient art form.

Kathleen Whitley is formally trained as an artist, and has received international recognition for her artwork. Her research into gilding and illumination was primarily due to her personal interest in historical methods and techniques. She currently lives in New England with her husband and their three cats.

2nd revised edition 2010, Pb,232pp, 46 mono illuminations & 12 full colour plates, 15 x 22.8 cm

The Gilded Page by Kathleen Whitman
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