My First Japanese Kanji Book (for young people) by Anna and Erico Sato



My First Japanese Kanji Book (for young people) by Anna and Erico Sato




Publisher’s Synopsis

Learning kanji the fun and easy way

Learning Japanese has never been easier, or more fun. My First Japanese Kanji Book helps children learn how to read and write over 100 basic kanji characters using culturally rich and child-friendly poems and illustrations.

My First Japanese Kanji Book contains 36 lessons specially designed for young learners by Eriko and Anna Sato, a mother-daughter author team. Each lesson introduces 2 to 4 kanji in the context of a short poem. Each poem is accompanied by a beautiful illustration painted by Anna. Common on and kun readings and sample vocabulary are provided for all kanji. The correct way to write each character is shown in a stroke-order diagram, and blank boxes are provided for writing practice.

This book introduces 109 kanji characters to children who want to learn kanji for the first time with culturally rich and age-appropriate poems and illustrations. It includes all the first grade level kanji characters and a sprinkling of simple 2nd to 6th grade characters. This book can be used as a self-study text, a teaching material used by parents and tutors, a supplementary material in Japanese language schools, or a gift book from family, relatives, or friends.

The kanji are introduced in the context of 36 colorful paintings and poems by 14-year old Anna Sato, herself a kanji learner. Each of the poems is presented in both Japanese and English, and all kanji are accompanied by furigana (small hiragana letters), stroke-order diagrams, sample vocabulary, and boxes for writing practice.

Anna Sato is a 9th grader who loves languages, creative writing, art. and music. She participated in Japanese and Chinese weekend programs at the State University of New York at Stony Brook when she was an elementary school student.

Eriko Sato, Ph.D. is the founding director of the Pre-College Japanese Program at Stony Brook University and the author of Contemporary ¬Japanese: an Intro¬ductory Textbook for College Students, Japanese for Dummies, and Japanese Demys¬tified. She also recently wrote the introductions to The First 100 Japanese and The Second 100 Japanese Kanji.

Accompanied by a bilingual mp3 audio CD.

Booksellers comments

This book is designed for (American) children that want to learn one of Japan’s writing system, it is a good resource for calligraphers that want to add a bit of Japanese to their work. Adding a few Kanji characters can enhance it. This book contains short poems that could be written in both your natural language and Japanese. The hiragana and katakana alphabets included will enable you to sign you name in Japanese as these alphabets are phonetic. A fun purchase.

1st edition 2009, Hb, 64pp and an audio CD included, full colour throughout, 22.5 x 28.7 cm

My First Japanese Kanji Book (for young people) by Anna and Erico Sato
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