Handmade Books - Binding, Folding, Decorating by Heather Weston



Handmade Books - Binding, Folding, Decorating by Heather Weston



Book Introduction

Whether you are making a simple pamphlet-stitched notebook or a complex multilayered carousel book, making books by hand can be a highly rewarding creative pursuit. Bookbinding with paper dates back nearly 2,000 years to the invention of paper itself, and has had a rich and influential history. With such a heritage, it is not surprising that many creative methods of bookmaking have been perfected and celebrated - indeed it is such a highly established art form that its current development is enormously diverse and experimental. Recent developments in computer and print technology have enabled anyone with access to a computer and some basic bookbinding skills to create their own storybooks, bound journals and artists' books. The medium has truly come of age.

Handmade Books is written for a range of skill levels, from absolute beginner to those with a good deal of previous experience, who would like to learn some new, experimental bindings. The Bindings chapter introduces a broad range of binding techniques in the form of progressive projects, so that starting at the beginning and following the projects through will enable you to accumulate the skills and techniques needed to master the more complex projects later in the book. For those of you who already have some basic bookbinding skills, it is possible to dip in and out of projects at any stage of the book. In the Page and Cover chapter, a range of techniques for altering the flat page are described, which enable you to consider content for your books and the potential of the page's surface. The final chapter, The Complete Book, showcases some exquisite examples of books, bindings and book art from around the world, and is there simply to inspire and to demonstrate the many possibilities of this rewarding art form.

Please note... This book is sold in the USA (and maybe other parts of the world) under the title of Bookcraft.

Heather Weston has an MA in book arts from Camberwell College of Arts, one of Londonís leading art colleges. Her design business, Bookery, focuses solely on the book form, encompassing everything from stationary to corporate gifts to connceptional book art. Her work is sold internationally and her book are is held in private and public collections as fae afield as Japan, Germany and the US. She currently teaches book art at Camberwell college of arts and lives in London.

1st edition, 2009, Pb, 128pp, full colour throughout, 21.3 x 25.5 cm

Handmade Books - Binding, Folding, Decorating by Heather Weston
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