The Story of Writing (for young people) by Carol Donoughue



The Story of Writing (for young people) by Carol Donoughue



Publisher’s Synopsys

Discover the amazing story of writing thorough the ages – from the invention of the earliest scripts to modern text messages and email.
  • Why Writing – Why do we need to write at all
  • The Sumerians and Cuniform – The invention of cuneiform writing in ancient Sumer, Babylon and Assyria.
  • The Egyptians and Hieroglyphs – The beautiful writing of ancient Egypt and how it was deciphered
  • The First Alphabet – How the Phoenicians and the Greeks created the basis of the alphabet we use today.
  • The Romans and Writing – Personal letters and records from the far reaches the Roman Empire.
  • Monks and Manuscripts – The monks who created the handwritten, beautifully illustrated books of the Middle Ages.
  • The Invention of Printing – Gutenberg, Caxton and the beginnings of printed books.
  • Beautiful Writing – How boys and girls in wealthier families were taught to write in 18th century Europe.
  • Chinese Characters – Chinese writing has been continuously in use for over three thousand years
  • What next? – email and mobile phones are changing communication around the world. How will we use writing in future?
  • The World of Writing – Examples of different scripts from around the world today.
Why do we write? Writing helps us to communicate with other people, to share information, and to keep records so that everything that happens is not forgotten or lost. Thousands of years ago, people were using writing for just the same reasons.

This book tells the story of how different people in different places invented their own ways of writing, and how these developed over the centuries into hundreds of writing systems and scripts all over the world.

People from the past explain how they learned to write, and describe in their own words how it feels to write and to be a writer.
1st edition, 2007, Hb, 48pp, full colour throughout, 22.7 x 28.2 cm

The Story of Writing (for young people) by Carol Donoughue
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