The Origami Bible by Ashley Wood



The Origami Bible by Ashley Wood



Publisher’s Synopsis

Easy-to-follow diagrams and step-by-step instructions describe how to create beautiful models with a combination of fantastic traditional papers and stunning modern prints.

Learn simple fold sequences that can be used as the base for many different designs, then combine them to create over 50 specially chosen projects that will charm and entertain.

Whether you fold for fun and relaxation, to create useful dishes and boxes, or to amuse and fascinate children, this is an essential reference for the beginner and experienced folder alike.

Introduction to the book by the author
Origami transcends gender, culture and language. It demands no prior learning and no complex equipment; it can be done at any age, by anyone; models can be large or small, useful or ornamental. You can fold a bus ticket or a sheet of gold leaf, but the sole requirement of origami is that you enjoy it.

I first began folding in an attempt to interest a class in Hiroshima, using the story of the paper crane. The resulting 'Origami Club' was incredibly fun and I've been folding paper ever since. For me, folding a pattern from memory relieves boredom on journeys and allows me to relax and consider problems.

This book is the book I desperately needed in the Origami Club. Up front is a simple set of origami folds, illustrated with clear step-by-step diagrams, and three essential origami 'bases' that are the starting point for the project models in the rest of the book. The models are arranged according to theme; some are complex, requiring patience and practice, and some are suitable for total beginners. The difficulty rating, which ranges from one-star (for beginners) to five-stars (for advanced artists), will help you to pick a project suitable to your skill level. The bases and folding symbols are reproduced on a pull-out page at the back of the book so that you may refer to them while working.

Remember, origami is a pleasure not a punishment - there are no Origami Police! Fold for fun, use fabulous papers, and don't be afraid to alter the designs in this book or invent your own origami models. Ashley Wood.

About the author
Ashley Wood is an active ex-teacher who now works on a variety of creative projects amongst her menagerie of pets. Origami has been her hobby for several years - she maintains it is as calming as meditation and, performed for an audience of lively children, can be as mesmerising as snake charming!

1st edition 2009, Hb ring-bound,192pp, full colour throughout, 16.5 x 21.5 cm

The Origami Bible by Ashley Wood
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