Paper Engineering by Natalie Avella



Paper Engineering by Natalie Avella



Publisher’s Synopsis

Graphic design is usually thought of as an activity that takes place in two dimensions. In fact, everything is more complex that a single poster, from the simplest fold in a letterhead to the structural complexities of a pop-up book, objects made from paper require as much input into their construction as into what is printed on the surface.

This book looks at the issue of structure in graphic design, especially in relation to paper. It features a broad collection of graphic design, from nightclub flyers to annual reports, that use cuts, tears, or folds to lift the piece from its conventional flat surface and engage the use in a way they may never have experienced.

It makes essential reading for both students and professionals of graphic design who want to take the paper that little bit further.

This fascinating book reveals that paper can be so much more than a flat surface on which to display text and images. Featuring work by some of the world's most innovative graphic designers, Paper Engineering, now available as a revised and extended edition, explores the numerous possibilities of paper, from the simplest die-cut to the most complicated fold. It shows paper at its most surprising and interactive, and designers at their most creative.

Divided into two broad sections covering cutting and folding techniques, the book also features interviews with some of the world's leading paper engineers, Ron van der Meer, Kate Farley, Ed Hutchins, and Rob Ryan. Their work demonstrates just how far paper can be pushed, revealing it as an essential design element in its own right.

Revised edition 2009, Pb, 176pp, full colour throughout, 23 x 26cm

Paper Engineering by Natalie Avella
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