Paper Engineering and Pop-ups for Dummies by Rob Ives



Paper Engineering and Pop-ups for Dummies by Rob Ives



Publisher’s Synopsis

Learn to:
  • Create a wide variety of paper projects - from cards and pop-ups to models and mechanisms
  • Strategically cut, fold, and shape paper with the help of numerous photos and illustrations
  • Take your creations from two to three dimensions
  • Develop your own unique paper crafts
Get creative with paper projects the whole family will enjoy!

Are you passionate about paper crafts? This fun, easy-to-follow guide is packed with a wide range of projects that use simple techniques and tools. Step-by-step directions and diagrams show you how to make eye-catching cards, animated models, pop-ups, and much more. Plus, you'll take your paper engineering skills to the next level as you learn to invent your own unique creations!

  • Unfold the wonders of paper engineering - understand different papers and projects, review the tools of the trade, and set up your workshop
  • Create classy, crafty greeting cards - choose the right colour, make cute cut-outs, primp it up with embellishments, and work with decoupage and montage
  • Make eye-popping pop-ups - from layers and photos to pull tabs, cross-fades, and multi-page books, master the techniques
  • Add life to your paper - sculpture and animation through clever cam models, levers, linkages, and more
  • Draft your own designs and creations - develop your ideas, make the transition from sketch to model, enhance your designs with colour, and use your computer to help

    About the author
    Rob Ives is a renowned paper engineer and paper crafter, having designed everything from mechanical flying pigs to 3-D stars to pop-up holiday cards. He specializes in teaching others how to create their own models by following his succinct step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

    1st edition 2009, Pb, 250pp, packed with illustrations and easy to follow instructions

  • Paper Engineering and Pop-ups for Dummies by Rob Ives
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