The Art of Illumination (2nd edition) by Patricia Carter



The Art of Illumination (2nd edition) by Patricia Carter



Publisher’s Synopsis

Inspired by history and the world of nature, Patricia Carter shows how to create exquisite illuminated designs, using them to enhance calligraphy and host of other decorative items - from greetings cards and stationery to bookplates and boxes. Seven complete alphabets are included, to enable you to paint stunning capital letters and there are many glorious design ideas in a number of different styles, from classic to modern and from simple to more intricate.
  • Techniques include gilding, stippling, and mirroring
  • Floral, stylised, decorative and geometric motifs patterns and borders
Patricia Carter was born and brought up in Canada. She studied art and art history and is first and foremost a miniaturist, but she is also a calligrapher, book illuminator, portrait painter and illustrator.

She has written four books about illumination and silverpoint for Search Press, and has exhibited in France, Germany and in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. She was a gold medalist at the Paris Salon, has written articles about her work and she has also given various talks and broadcasts to many enthusiastic audiences.

Taking her inspiration from history and the world around her, Pat now enjoys creating decorative designs for artists, textile artists and craftspeople.

2nd edition, 2009 reprint, Pb, 160pp, full colour thoughout, 21.5 x 29 cm

The Art of Illumination (2nd edition) by Patricia Carter
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