Collins Artists Little Book of Watercolour by Simon Jenkins



Collins Artists Little Book of Watercolour by Simon Jenkins



This attractive, handy little guide to the exciting world of watercolour is full of fascinating facts and useful information about all aspects of watercolour. It explores the paints and pigments themselves, the equipment, surfaces and accessories of watercolour painting and illustrates a wide range of different techniques.

Make the most of your watercolour painting by experimenting with different water-based media, like gouache and water-soluble pencils, and marvel at the inspiring range of work from top watercolour painters.

This book is a visual delight and will inspire all watercolour painters to exploit the medium to its full potential.

Introduction by the author
All artists have an urge to communicate their own unique view of the world, and one of the beauties of watercolour as a medium is its immediacy - a small paintbox, a sheet of paper and a brush, and you're away. And you only require water to paint and clean up with, which makes watercolour painting feel accessible.

Watercolour invites a direct and spontaneous response to any subject - whether you are painting a landscape, a portrait, a figure study, a still life or an expressive abstract. In fact, no other medium has the same capacity to capture a subject with such speed and economy of brush stroke.

Far and away the most popular of the painting mediums, watercolour is also probably the most challenging and frustrating for artists, even professionals. Its fluid nature makes it much less predictable than other mediums, but this is more than compensated for by the range of exciting and beautiful effects that it can create, sometimes more by accident than design. When it is used well, it can make a clear statement in pure colour.

1st edition, 2008, Hb, 128pp, full colour thoughout, 20.5 x 16 cm

Collins Artists Little Book of Watercolour by Simon Jenkins
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