Collins Artist's Little Book of Colour by Simon Jenkins



Collins Artist's Little Book of Colour by Simon Jenkins



Publisher’s Synopsis

Did you know that Ultramarine Blue was originally made from ground-up lapis lazuli?

Or that both yellow and green once contained arsenic?

This attractive, handy little guide to the exciting world of colour is full of fascinating facts and useful information. It explores the most popular colours available to the artist - their history, composition and attributes. It also contains a useful visual index of over 450 popular artists' colours in a variety of media to help you get to know your colours and how best to use them.

Collins Artist's Little Book of Colour is a visual delight but also an essential guide to colour for all artists, designers, art students and teachers.

Introduction to the book by the author
The subject of colour is so vast and the ranges of pigments and materials available to the artist so wide, variable and subtle, it is inevitable that the best means of finding out how particular colours really look and handle is by actually using them.

In this book there is a great deal of information about colour and its value to the artist. Hundreds of colours are mentioned and shown in the various media in numerous combinations, mixtures and applications. Most artists will admit that the only effective way to knowledge and confidence is to experiment with the actual colours and different media yourself. It is hoped that this book can provide a springboard into the world of colour for the artist.

Unfortunately, there is one obvious drawback to it. This is that when it comes to the subtlety of reproducing colour all of the colours shown here are printed, not painted. They are not the actual colours at all, but are reproduced by the four-colour printing process using only four ink colours. Modern printing technology and the skills of graphic reproduction have brought us very close to the reality of seeing real, pure pigment colour on the printed page.

About the four-colour process…
Every colour you see in this book is printed by using the four-colour process. Every hue, tint and shade is made up of a combination of only four colours. These are: cyan - a bright, greenish blue; magenta - a bluish-shade red; yellow - a middle yellow, neither reddish nor greenish; and black. White is provided by the white of the paper on which these four colours are printed. In printing terms these colours are known as the process colours and are designated as CMYK ('smike') - C for cyan, M for magenta, Y for yellow and K for black.

1st edition, 2nd reprint 2008, Hb, 128pp, full colour throughout, 20.5 x 15.8 cm

Collins Artist's Little Book of Colour by Simon Jenkins
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