The Bookbinding Handbook by Sue Doggett - 2008 edition, 1st reprint 2010, 192pp, Full colour throughout, 17 x 20.5cm



The Bookbinding Handbook by Sue Doggett


Publisher's Synopsis
About this book

The book is a very familiar, tactile and interactive object that can be a pleasure to hold read and write in, especially when it is made well from beautiful and unusual materials.

This book shows you, through step-by-step instructions, diagrams and full-colour illustrations, how you can make your own bookworks using a myriad of wonderful papers, cloths and found materials.

There are chapters dealing with simple folded books, pamphlet stitches, more complex multi-section bindings and containers, all of which can be combined to create your own personalized journals, notebooks, albums and portfolios. There are gallery sections included for inspiration, with examples of work by practising book artists, binders and students, which show ways in which the projects described throughout the book can be developed. The first half of this book deals with getting started, making your own decorative papers, basic techniques and an introduction to different types of book forms, while the remaining sections are given over to specific projects. The projects involve many new structures and techniques, while at the same time utilizing and building upon skills acquired in the. earlier chapters. You need only a few 1 basic tools and papers to get started, but of course you can expand your tool-box and storage area at a later (late if you get really hooked! Hopefully this book will act as a starting point, a springboard for ideas and ,reactive development.

If you need extra information on bookbinding ,reactive and where to buy materials, there is a list of suppliers and useful addresses at the back of the book A and a selected bibliography for further reading.

- 2008 edition, 1st reprint 2010, 192pp, Full colour throughout, 17 x 20.5cm

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