Practical Calligraphy by Janet Mehigan



Practical Calligraphy by Janet Mehigan



Publisher’s Synopsis

Practical Calligraphy (15 Techniques, 24 Practice Exercises and 12 Alphabets) introduces:
  • materials, equipment and basic techniques: pens, inks and paints, papers and gilding materials, how to organize your workspace, methods of basic penmanship and the art of layout and design
  • Provides 12 complete alphabets to copy and learn, including the foundational hand, the Gothic hand, the versal hand and the copperplate hand
  • 15 step-by-step calligraphy techniques include cutting quills and reed pens, creating pen patterns, brush lettering, cut-paper lettering, gilding and digital effects
  • Practical instructions with clear steps ensure that all techniques are easy to achieve. An inspiring gallery of contemporary calligraphy illustrates the principles in action
  • A11 the basics shown step by step: equipment and materials, scriptwriting, embellishments and digital methods, with 600 photographs and illustrations

Calligraphy, which means "the art of beautiful writing" in Greek, remains a constant source of inspiration for artists. The full potential of this exciting technique will immediately make itself clear to new students, especially once they have mastered the basic flow of the strokes. This invaluable book provides practical techniques and enlightening exercises to master the basics of calligraphy.

A historical overview looks at the use of the technique from the first writing system to the development of Renaissance scripts and copperplate. A section on getting started explains the essential materials and equipment, along with methods of basic penmanship. Then 12 different alphabet scripts are introduced, each presented with basic rules, practice exercises and common mistakes. The scripts range from the traditional Italic and Copperplate, to more modern ones such as Neuland and Batarde. An impressive collection of step-by-step calligraphic techniques follows, including cutting balsa, reed and quill pens; brush lettering resists; gilding and creating digital calligraphy. The concluding selection of gallery pieces includes contemporary work to inspire new calligraphers with the full possibilities.

Calligraphy appeals to a wide audience, and the only essential requirements are patience and attention to detail. Whether you want to create name tags for a wedding, inscribe your favorite poem on a card, or simply develop your handwriting with calligraphic flourishes, then this will supply all the comprehensive advice and know-how. About the author
Janet Mehigan first studied calligraphy during her five years of training at art college. She holds a BA (hons) in Education and is a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI), as well as a Fellow and an Associate of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS). She teaches both calligraphy and art at all levels in adult education and she runs numerous workshops for students and calligraphic societies. Her work has been featured in many exhibitions and she has written several books, including 50 Calligraphy Projects, and has contributed to many others.

1st editon 2008, Pb, 128pp, full colour throughout with over 600 photographs and illustrations, 23 x 29.7 cm

Practical Calligraphy by Janet Mehigan
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