The Art of Calligraphy by John Smith



The Art of Calligraphy by John Smith



Publisher’s Synopsis
  • An instructional course in calligraphy for beginners, with alphabet templates and step-by-step projects
  • A comprehensive and practical guide, illustrated with over 500 colour photographs, from the first letter strokes to marking up a finished piece for the printer
  • Easy-to-follow instructions explain all the necessary calligraphy techniques
  • Includes 16 practical projects - wedding invitations, birthday cards, wine labels, book plates and more
This practical guide will both instruct and inspire all those seeking to master the fascinating art of calligraphy. With the know-how and practical guidance contained within these pages, you will learn how to use calligraphy in a wealth of elegant and stylish ways.

In the introductory section, tools, materials and papers are explained and illustrated, as well as the very basics of the art: setting up, mixing ink and paint, filling the pen, posture and pen position, and making the very first strokes. The book features 12 of the most popular alphabets - from Round Foundational Hand and Roman to Italic and Copperplate - each with step-by-step photographs of the strokes required to complete the letterforms.

The book progresses with more advanced techniques such as layout, spacing, design and how to display your work, as well as experimental lettering and stencil spraying. Sixteen detailed projects are then presented for the reader to practise their new-found skills: making a poster, creating a wedding invitation, designing wine labels or birthday cards - to name but a few.

Richly illustrated throughout and comprehensive in its scope, The Art of Calligraphy is an indispensable handbook for the calligraphic novice, and also provides a wealth of new ideas for the experienced enthusiast.

1st edition, 2007, Hb, 96pp, full colour throughout, 24 x 23.5 cm

The Art of Calligraphy by John Smith
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