The Art of The Saint John's Bible: Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospels & Acts: A Reader's Guide by Susan Sink



The Art of The Saint Johnís Bible - A Reader's Guide to Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospels & Acts by Susan Sink



Publisher's Synopsis

The "Saint John's Bible" provides an opportunity for people to experience the Scriptures in a new - but at the same time ancient - way. Here are illuminations that bring the words of the Bible alive for the contemporary world. Some of the world's top calligraphers, working in a tradition all but replaced by the printing press centuries ago, invite us into a rich and varied creation. The illuminations draw on and update Eastern iconographic and Western sacred art traditions, resulting in one of the most important sacred art achievements of our time.

The "Art of The Saint John's Bible: A Reader's Guide" brings text and illumination together for reflection. This guide further opens up the significance of elements in the illuminations, and points out recurring visual motifs that connect the stories within and across the volumes. You will find here some of the history of the tradition of illuminated Bibles, as well as insight into the thought processes and artistic vision behind the planning and execution of the images. The guide covers the first three published volumes of "The Saint John's Bible", "Pentateuch", "Psalms", and "Gospels and Acts". It includes information on the individual artists; an explanation of terms such as "carpet pages" and "marginalia;" an index of flora and fauna; and a chart of the chant tones used in Psalms. More importantly, it offers an invitation to experience the illuminations and the biblical text more deeply. With beautiful four-colour print throughout the book, it is the first of three volumes.

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1st edition 2007, 126pp, paperback, full colour throughout, 15.2 x 23 cm

The Art of The Saint Johnís Bible - A Reader's Guide to Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospels & Acts by Susan Sink
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