Pen & Print – The Legacy of Edward Johnston by the SSI and Edward Johnston Foundation



Pen & Print - The Legacy of Edward Johnston by the SSI and the EJF



The introduction to the book
Edward Johnston by his teaching and practice almost single-handedly revived the art of formal penmanship which had lain moribund for four centuries. His major work Writing and Illuminating, and Lettering, first published in 1906 and in print continuously ever since, created a new interest in calligraphy and a new school of excellent scribes. The life he breathed into this ancient craft and its continuing tradition even in today's hi-tech world can be ascribed to his re-discovery of the influence of tools, materials and methods. His researches were carried out with the understanding of the artist-craftsman, the scientist and the philosopher and this three-fold approach resulted in a profound insight - he fully grasped the root of formal writing and saw how all the branches grew from that root.

The epoch-making sans-serif alphabet he designed for the London Underground Railways changed the face of typography in the twentieth century whilst two of the most popular types of our day 'Perpetua' and 'Gill Sans' were by his great pupil Eric Gill (1882-1940).

Edward Johnston’s influence has been world-wide. As early as 1910 his pupil Anna Simons translated Writing and Illuminating, and Lettering into German and a tremendous interest was sparked off in that country. So much so that Sir William Rothenstein remarked on a visit to art schools on the continent, 'in Germany in particular the name of Edward Johnston was known and honoured above that of any artist'.

This publication was created to support the exhibition that marked the centenary of the first publication of Writing and Illuminating, and Lettering. Johnston’s teaching and philosophy is shown through contemporary work in many media including formal penmanship, carved and engraved lettering and modern typeface design. Calligraphy is thereby seen as the seed of our various lettering systems.

The book is a joint publication the Edward Johnston Foundation and the Society of Scribes and Illuminators.

What this book includes
After the introduction to the book, the reader is provided with a brief overview of the objectives of both the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI) and the Edward Johnston Foundation (EJF). These are followed by six fascinating essays by prominent Letter Artists. The essays are:
  • Illuminating: Edward Johnston and His Legacy by Timothy Noad
  • The Johnston/Gill Tradition in English Brush Lettering by John Nash
  • Edward Johnston and Wood Engraving by Michael Renton
  • Of Calligraphy and Designing Inscriptions by Gareth Colgan
  • Writing by Hand by Susan Hufton
  • Lettering on Glass by Charmian Mocatta
After this essays there are over 60 pages in full colour of work that was displayed in the Pen and Print exhibition. The are over 65 stunning pieces of work by Donald Jackson (3), Denis Brown (1), Stan Knight (2), Sue Hufton (3), Mary Noble (2), Timothy Noad (3), Gerry Fluess (3), Juliet Banks (1), Jan Pickett (1), George Thompson (2), Cherryl Avery (1), Maureen Sullivan (1), Mick Paine (2), Hazel Dolby (1), Janet Mehigan (1), Jean Larcher (1), John Woodcock (3), Susie Lieper (1), Joan Pilsbury (1), Leo Wyatt (1), Thomas Ingmire (1), Sue Gunn (2), Tom Perkins (2), Patricia Gidney (2), Gareth Colgan (2), Sam Somerville (6), Charmian Mocatta (1), Sally Mae Joseph (1), Sylvie Gokulsing (1), Jilly Hazeldine (2), Ann Hechle (1), Michael Harvey (1), Gaynor Goffe (1), Ann Camp (1), Joan Rix Tebutt (1), Jon Gibbs (2), Chris Elsey (1), Kenneth Breese (1), Christopher Haanes (2) and a selection of typefaces from a number of the contributors.

1st edition, 2006, paperback, 96pp, full colour throughout, 24.5 x 28cm

Pen & Print - The Legacy of Edward Johnston by the SSI and the EJF
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