Arabic Script by Gabriel Mandel Khan



Arabic Script by Gabriel Mandel Khan



Publisher’s Synopsis

Arabic Script offers a thorough, illuminating guide to the Arabic alphabet and writing styles and presents an understanding of a culture and a civilization. This enlightening book helps us discover an alphabet that throughout the centuries has been linked to the secular and religious worlds of Islam.

Arabic script is one of the world's major forms of writing. It has importance not only as a wide-spread, secular language, but also because it is the language of the Qur'an. In the very first verse of the Quran, reading and writing with the calamus, or reed pen, are praised as the source of all knowledge and all spiritual or scientific paths of change. From this text has developed a reverence for books and a love of writing.

In this intriguing book the history and meaning of each letter of the alphabet is given as well as its cultural, religious, and philosophical significance. Profusely illustrated, there are some 300 two-colour and black-and-white pictures of the letters, their variants, and calligraphic adaptations, showing that Arabic script is both an art form and a means of communication. The Appendix includes a glossary and an index.

An ideal book for linguists, graphic designers, and collectors of Islamic art, Arabic Script is also a handy reference for travellers who wish to become familiar with the rudiments of the alphabet.

About the author…
Gabriel Mandel Khan, an official of the Jerrahi-Halveti Sufi Brotherhood in Italy and a member of the Cambridge Islamic Academy, has studied Islamic art and civilization for many years and has written a number of books about Islamic history and culture. He is also a well-known calligrapher, engraver, and ceramist.

What others have said...
"With its hundreds of illustrations ranging over many centuries, this book is a visual treat even for readers unfamiliar with Arabic. Of particular interest to calligraphers and graphic designers." - Library Journal

1st edition 2001, Pb, 180pp, packed with illustrations, 16 x 23.6 cm

Arabic Script by Gabriel Mandel Khan
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