An Italic Calligraphy Handbook by Caroline Joy Adams



An Italic Calligraphy Handbook by Caroline Joy Adams



Publisher’s Synopsis

The art of calligraphy never goes out of fashion, and the Italic style is its most popular form. The only true all-purpose lettering style, Italic conveys the utmost grace and elegance when written slowly and carefully, and when written quickly and freely, it retains far more legibility and beauty than any other style.

Many modern books address the Italic, but none with the explicitness of the original instruction manuals of the sixteenth century, when the style was in its full flower. This handbook is an updated version of the Renaissance Italic manuals, geared completely toward modern practitioners. It features the best ideas from the early guides, compiled into a contemporary system that makes writing the Italic as simple as possible. Helpful features include:
  • Numerous illustrations, tables, and graphs
  • Inspiring examples from world-renowned calligraphers
  • Nine different sizes of ruled guide-sheets
With this manual as a guide, both experienced and novice calligraphers can cultivate their natural creativity and find fresh delight in the art of letterforms.

1st Dover edition 2004, Pb, 96pp, packed with illustrations, 21.3 x 27.8 cm

An Italic Calligraphy Handbook by Caroline Joy Adams
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