Books with Girth by Cherryl Moote



Books with Girth by Cherryl Moote



Publisher’s Synopsis

Paper crafters looking for clear, easy to follow instructions for more complex book forms need look no further than Books With Girth. A wide variety of book forms with thicker spines are featured, ranging from multi-signature sewn books to multi¬dimensional folded forms. Whether you want to make one-of-a-kind artists' books, beautiful sewn journals or collaborative books you will find this a useful and inspiring resource. Books With Girth contains complete written instructions with full diagramming and photographs for fifteen book forms and seven boxes and cases, suggestions for variations, a full chapter on knots and stitches, instructions for a simple kumihimo braid, math tricks, conversion charts, useful templates and more.

Cherryl Moote's background in calligraphy and the lettering arts, her love of paper and fabric crafts, her experience as a teacher and her ability to write clear instructions have all contributed to the success of her series of bookbinding and paper crafting books. She has earned a reputation for writing instructions that take you through each project in a step-by-step way that helps you feel successful right from the start - she even does most of the math for you! All of the instructions have been tested by a team of paper crafters that includes beginners and more seasoned crafting veterans.

Among the books included are:
  • Dos-a-Dos Books
  • Two-Sewn-As-One Books
  • Interlocking Signatures
  • Piano-Hinge Books
  • Piano-Hinge Concertinas
  • Star Books
  • Spectabular Books
  • Tunnel Books
  • Strut and Chain Books
  • Longstitch Books
  • French Twist Meander Books
  • Coptic Books
  • The Secret Belgian Binding

Books With Girth is the fifth book in the series which includes Simply Bound, Sleight of Binding, Copied, Bound & Numbered and Paper Delights. Support videos are also available for Simply Bound and Paper Delights. All of these titles are available from

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1st edition, 2005, ring-bound Pb. 240pp, full of clear monochrome instructions, 22 x 28 cm

Books with Girth by Cherryl Moote
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