David Kindersley and his Workshop by Montague Shaw



David Kindersley and his Workshop by Montague Shaw



Publisher’s Synopsis

David Kindersley stands recognised as one of the world's greatest designer-makers of letters. In his book, Montague Shaw starts with a biographical introduction and follows it by describing many of D.K.'s commissions from the client's first approach to the finished article. The book, moves from an inscription cut in the bomb damaged walls of the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) to the calligraphy in the Ruskin Gallery, glass engraving, brick carving and free work. All the stories are extensively illustrated with material from the Workshop files.

Booksellers comment: The above Publisher’s Synopsis does not really provide a fair overview of the contents of this historic book so I have included the table of contents to try to give a better idea of the history it provides.

  • David Kindersley, a Personal Note form D.K.
  • Biographical Introduction, a comprehensive overview of D.K.’s life, education, and influences.
  • Some case histories.
    • The Victoria & Albert Museum, includes work on logos and the inscription on the war damaged wall.
    • Viscount Eccles, and the commissioned memorial Plaques.
    • John Pennington’s headstone
    • Stuart B. Schimmel, about glass bowl inscriptions and the support craftsmen get from private collectors
    • Banks and Miles, various commissions
    • Lady Rupert Neville concerning the Coat of Arms commission
    • Peterborough Magistrates Courts, the magnificent cut and painted brick wall and the commemorative slate plaque.
    • The Ruskin Gallery, discussing the building wide Reopening Facia and the beautiful gilded green slate installed in the entrance hall.
    • Mrs Huntingdon’s slate memorial for her husband.
    • Trinity College. Cambridge and DKs brass memorials and the Trinity War Memorial,
    • Sir Thomas Reedham Berney’ slate memorial.
    • The TRONGLE (three dimential ‘impossible triangle’ that is and integral part of the Cambridge Consultants Ltd’s Finniston Award and the sandblasted glass building opening plaque from 1979.
    • John N K Keatley showing the Congregational Schoolroom (now Royston Museum) and 7 other pieces of cut slate.
    • Richard III’s 500 year memorial plaque commissioned by Leicester Cathederal
    • Sundial for Janet - Janet was a well-loved friend of all that lived in the village of Over Haddon and they commissioned a Sundial for her and insisted that Janet be the only name used.
    • Donovan Purcell – commemorative Floor Slab in Ely Cathedral
    • Sir Richard and Lady Storey – Memorial Stones and Sundial.
    • Barbara Hepworth’s Headstone
  • and finally… A note on legibility of typefaces by Hermann Zapf.
Illustrations were chosen by David Kindersley and Lida Lopes Cardozo, who also wrote the captions.

1st edition, 1989, Pb, far too many illustrations to count, monochrome throughout, 19 x 25.5 cm

David Kindersley and his Workshop by Montague Shaw
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