Heraldry - A Pictorial Archive by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies



Heraldry - A Pictorial Archive by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies


Publisher’s Synopsis

Heraldry had its origin in the decorative shields used in feudal western Europe in the twelfth century A.D. – Today, the varied and colorful designs that have developed over the centuries carry a rich aura of medieval romance that can enhance any number of artistic and design projects.

For this volume, Carol Belanger Grafton has selected 1,047 authentic heraldic designs and motifs from The Art of Heraldry, a classic study by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (1871-1928), an English barrister and foremost authority on the subject.

Dating from the fourteenth to the twentieth century, the illustrations include 393 full-color and 654 black-and-white designs:
  • arms of individuals, among them such notables as Edward the Black Prince, John Milton and Maximilian I;
  • arms of institutions, corporations, guilds, towns and cities;
  • heraldic charges and lines of partition;
  • heraldic windows; examples of heraldic lions, eagles, dragons and antelope;
  • banners, crests and more.
These designs represent a superb source of authentic copyright-free images that will give aristocratic flair or noble bearing to book and magazine illustrations, advertisements, newsletters and other graphic projects. Heraldry: A Pictorial Archive for Artists and Designers is also an invaluable visual reference book for anyone interested in genealogy.
With 1,047 Illustrations, Including 393 in Full Color Selected and Arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton

1st edition 1991, Pb, 154pp, 23.5 x 31cm

Heraldry - A Pictorial Archive by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
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