Mr Beck's Underground Map - a History by Ken Garland



Mr Beck's Underground Map - a History by Ken Garland



Why is this book about the London Underground on this site?... See below for answer if you do not know why!

Publisher’s Synopsis

The first few years of the 1930s were not good ones for the Underground. Speaking at the annual general meeting in February 1932 the Chairman, Lord Ashfield, was moved to say, in the face of economic stagnation:
'There seems no way open to us to stimulate the movement of traffic just at present. Even our publicity service seems temporarily ineffective as a means of building it up'.
It became worse still financially as 1932 proceeded. All departments had to contribute by making economies and reducing salaries for the Directors, and all staff.

Frank Pick, the underground's autocratic managing director, had previously dismissed in 1931 the suggestion emanating from a junior draughtsman, Harry Beck, for a different approach to mapping its railways using an easy-to-follow diagrammatic method based on straight lines. Influenced perhaps by the circumstances of 1932, he was persuaded to give it a try.

It was liked by the public, though no-one has ever attempted to measure its commercial value to the Underground. The map's successors are still with Londoners today and its principles have been used in many other cities.

  • "A tale of inspiration, intrigue and perseverance. A splendid, unlikely book". The Times
  • “Garland’s scholarly narrative is a tale to inspire any designer” Design Review
  • “A wonderful Book” Sir Neil Cossons, Director, Science Museum
  • “Garland's first-hand and long acquaintance with Harry Beck gives this book authority. It has itself every reason to become a classic" Information Design Journal.

1st Edition, 1994, 2nd re-print, 2003, Hb, 80pp, Colour throughout, 28.5 x 24.5cm
Answer to earlier question... It was Edward Johnston who designed the famous Underground Railways Sans Typeface in 1916. This typeface is still used today, not only in London but main other cities throughout the world.

Mr Beck's Underground Map - a History by Ken Garland
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