Lettering for Architects and Designers by Martha Sutherland



Lettering for Architects and Designers by Martha Sutherland



Publisher’s Synopsis

Lettering skill is a valuable tool for architects and graphic designers alike. It should be developed from the very beginning of professional study along with drawing techniques, perspective, and principles of design.

This is an exemplar book, meant to acquaint the student with a range of lettering styles acceptable to the profession and with some of the graphic potential of letters on presentation sheets and title blocks.

Small scale letters are the architect's stock-in-trade, and yet they are the least susceptible to mechanical aids such as Leroy or press-on letters. Therefore the book devotes a great deal of attention to the various forms of small letters. Examples are included that are taken from drawings by professional architects and from architecture offices. The student may use the book to select and experiment with different shapes and styles before electing to pursue one to competence.

Large-scale letters are more flexible than small ones in term of embellishment, shape, and scale. Eleven special alphabets for presentation sheets have been included, as well as ideas for the enhancement of individual letters. There are fancy numerals and some tips on using felt-tipped markers. Backgrounds, infill, and colour blocks are touched on.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of suitable, well-executed lettering to a student's success. It is not only part of skillful presentation, but can provide a valuable entrée into a professional office.

All of the lettering in the book has been done by hand and reproduced to exact size, except where noted.

This is the second edition of this bestselling text incorporates a new section showing students how to locate and choose lettering for different kinds of projects. Coverage includes lettering styles commonly used on a wide range of presentations.

Chapters include:
Small-Scale Letters, Lowercase Letters in Pencil, Block Letters in Ink, Roman Alphabet in Ink, Italic Alphabet in Ink, Humanist Bookhand Alphabet in Ink, Alphabet Variation in Ink, Numerals in Ink, Pen Types, Large-Scale Letters, Title Blocks, Presentation Sheets, Steel Brushes, Letter Enhancement, Numerals, Reversed Values, Felt Tipped Markers and Examples From Architecture Offices.

2nd edition 1989, 140pp, full of illustrations, 26 x 21.3 cm

Lettering for Architects and Designers by Martha Sutherland
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