The Simple Art of Japanese Calligraphy by Yoko Takenami



The Simple Art of Japanese Calligraphy by Yoko Takenami



Publisher’s Synopsis

Developed since the sixth century, practiced by the royal elite and Buddhist scholars and packed with spiritual meaning, Japanese calligraphy has its own style; simple, elegant and gentle.

Starting with a history section that illuminates the thousands of years of calligraphy with inspiring examples, the core of the book is a clear step-by-step guide to creating stunning calligraphy. The 15 projects, from greetings cards to painting calligraphy motifs on river pebbles and linen hangings, represent authentic uses of Japanese scripts. The combination of simple strokes and meaningful characters that makes up each of these unique projects means you can create artworks that you and your loved ones will treasure.

A clear materials section shows you exactly what you need to get started, while the comprehensive techniques chapter shows . you how to hold the brush, create characters and write pieces. Also included are the Japanese symbols for 100 of the most popular Western first names, plus a series of greetings. sentiments and poems, including haikus and Zen proverbs, to help you personalise your projects.

Create uniquely beautiful gifts, greeting caeds and decorative items that incorporate the elegant centuries old art of Japanese Calligraphy.

Afte mastering the basic brush-and-ink technique and becoming familiar with many Japanese pictograms and phonetic characters, you'll be ready to turn out delightful projects using paper, ceramics, fabric and more.

As useful for inducing tranquillity as it is for fashioning lovely objects, The Simple Art of Japanese Calligraphy is guaranteed to bring you great pleasure.

1st edition, 2nd reprint 2009, Pb, 128pp, full colour throughout, 20.8 x 20.4 cm

The Simple Art of Japanese Calligraphy by Yoko Takenami
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