The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting by Qu Lei Lei



The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting by Qu Lei Lei



Publisher’s Synopsis

Known in China as "soundless music," the exquisite art of Chinese watercolour painting has been practised and admired for more than 2,000 years. The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting shows even beginners how to create peaceful, elegant and tranquil images using this unique art form.

Award-winning teacher Qu Lei Lei begins by explaining the brush-and-ink techniques through which you can master this expressive and spiritual way to paint. Learn how to create the best-known Chinese motifs: “The Three Friends of Winter” (bamboo, pine and blossom) and "The Four Gentlemen" that flower through the year (chrysanthemum, orchids, bamboo and plum blossom) as well as how to paint graceful flying birds and the sacred animals of the Oriental zodiac.

Following a fully illustrated history of the highlights of brush painting in the East, the comprehensive techniques section, complete with exercises, stroke diagrams and composition guides teaches you all the skills you need. From holding the brush to capturing mood and feeling in delicate inks, exercises and instructions include working through each stroke, motifs to copy and sketching and composition, as well as how to draw from life and tips on how you can best express your own spirit in your work.

Suitable both for beginners and experienced artists, the 15 projects illustrate the best of brush painting. Ranging from simple greetings cards to a nightingale and peach blossom lantern, to showpieces such as a wooden screen featuring delicate bamboo, pine and blossom. Painting on paper, card, textiles and bamboo is covered too; with each project clearly explained in step-by-step photographs, Lei Lei shows how to create a bamboo window blind, a splash-painted wooden bowl, and a fabric kite adorned with a golden carp. The final section shows you how to mount your work in authentic style, and a gallery of poems, proverbs, and phrases in Chinese calligraphy allows you to create a professional finish.

Paint stunning natural studies that convey emotion and feeling. Learn the art of Chinese brush painting, best described as a "voiceless poem" or even "soundless music." Using a brush and ink, you will learn to evoke the beauty and spirit of flowers, birds, and the natural world in your work. Master the techniques and then complete a variety of superb projects, from "Bamboo Greeting Cards" to "Flying Goose and Reeds Blind."

About the author
Author of The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy, Qu Lei Lei began studying traditional Chinese painting at the age of seven. He now paints and exhibits internationally. He lectures at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Sotheby's and Christie's, as well as the British Museum in London. Honorary President of the British Chinese Brush Painters' Society, in 2001 Lei Lei was awarded the Millennium Adult Tutor Award in England and Wales. He is currently exhibiting his paintings in Lausanne, London, Paris, Venice and Singapore. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.

1st edition 2004, Hb, 128pp, full colour throughout, 22 x 28.3 cm

The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting by Qu Lei Lei
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