The Scribe - The Saint John's Bible Edition



The Scribe - The Saint John's Bible Edition



About this publication
This is a special edition of The Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI) quarterly Journal 'The Edge' that coincided with the release of the first volume of the amazing work carried out by Donald Jackson and his team.

Donald Jackson talks about “The Dream and the Realities”

Vin Godier discusses the Partnership formed when “Technology meets the Quill”

Rebecca Cherry talks about “Co-ordinating the Project”

Sally Mae Joseph talks about her role as “Studio Manager”

Mark L’Argent covers the problems of “Vellum Preparation”

And two of the lead calligraphers, Brian Simpson and Sue Hufton talk about their experiences in this massive undertaking.

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1st edition, 2002, paperback, 44pp, 17 colour plates, 21.3 x 27.8 cm

The Scribe - The Saint John's Bible Edition
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