The Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques by Robert Cunning



The Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques by Robert Cunning



Introduction to the book
Any picture can be enhanced by a well-made and well-designed frame, but having frames made professionally can be very expensive. This is one reason for the recent expansion in the home frame-making industry; it is now possible to choose suitable pre-decorated mouldings and coloured mountboards from an ever-increasing range, and the basic equipment for cutting and joining frames is becoming easier to obtain at lower prices than ever before.

Making frames from pre-decorated mouldings is a skill anyone can acquire, given a little know-how and some basic equipment, but the real joy of frame-making is that of devising and carrying through your own individual creation. This book will help you to do just that. Beginning with the basic carpentry techniques, it goes on to demonstrate a wealth of different paint finishes, wood finishes and gilding techniques, from liming and wood graining through imitation marble and verdigris to the spectacular and beautiful methods such as tortoise-shelling, engraving and sgraffito, used since the golden period of frame-making in Renaissance Italy.

Until recently, a frame was regarded simply as a surround to a picture, which indeed is its primary function, but the art of the frame-maker is now seen as comparable to that of the furniture maker, and a frame can be a work of art in its own right. This is particularly true of mirror frames, where there is no image to compete with the frame. While the first section of the book sets out all the fascinating techniques involved in making and decorating frames and mounts, the final section, "a gallery of frames", provides inspiration by showing some of the many options open to the frame-maker. Here you can see how the right moulding, mount or finish can complement a picture, or even transform a quite ordinary image into something special. The book provides something for everyone. Those who simply want practical advice on cutting mounts and joining frames will not be disappointed, and the more adventurous will be able to experiment with an absorbing and challenging craft.
  • The complete step-by-step visual guide that will help all home hobbyists master the full range of picture-framing skills.
  • All the stages of making and decorating frames and mounts shown in full-colour step-by-step photographs
  • Comprehensive coverage of equipment, from what you'll need when you start out to more costly items that can be added as you progress
  • Full explanations of a huge variety of decorative effects, from wood and paint finishes to the potential of gilding
  • How to restore and repair frames, with all the skills and tricks of the trade featured

1st edition 2002, Pb, 176pp, full colour throughout, 22.3 x 22.3 cm

The Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques by Robert Cunning
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