Calligraphy A to Z by Stuart David



Calligraphy A to Z by Stuart David



Publisher’s Synopsis

Calligraphy A to Z offers improved methods that shrink the learning curve and bring aspiring calligraphers immediate satisfaction. Its innovations include:
  • A technique that allows you to form all letters, numerals, and punctuation marks with just a few basic strokes. (Most books make you learn 70 different forms!)
  • Instead of imitating samples, you learn a basic-stroke method that focuses on the structural elements common to all letters.
  • Easier-to-learn technique offers a true understanding of forms, yielding more personal, creative, and beautiful results.
Written by a professional calligrapher and graphic designer, this comprehensive guide offers a thorough coverage of preliminaries before presenting its series of lessons. Topics include lowercase and capital letters in Roman and Italic script, plus advanced techniques incorporating serifs and refined forms, as well as a useful appendix.

1st Dover edition 2003, PB, 208pp, 21 x 27.5 cm

Calligraphy A to Z by Stuart David
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