The Art of Remembering introduced by Lucinda Lambton



The Art of Remembering introduced by Lucinda Lambton



Publisher’s Synopsis

‘... I think it is smashing, and I know he would approve – it has helped me a lot. When I saw the stone on a spring morning and touched it, it was warm and felt good, it is the first time I have done such a thing and it makes me understand what memorials are about.’

Memorial design and carved lettering are flourishing in Britain. The Art of Remembering presents fifty-four contemporary memorials by as many different makers-an introduction to lettering today and to the emotive power of memorial forms, both traditional and innovative.

For these makers memorial sites are acknowledged as human places-individuality is celebrated, memory and loss confronted, with living response.

The book features all the exhibits included in the first exhibition of its kind, The Art of Remembering, Also included are statements by the artists and other writings on the context, craft and meaning of memorial art.


  • Harriet Frazer – Foreword
  • Lucinda Lambton – Introduction
  • Alan Powers – Living Memorials
  • Tom Perkins – Contemporary Lettercarving
  • Charles Smith – Then and Now
  • David Kindersley – Training Today
  • Nicholas Sloan – Ripe for Reform
  • Christopher Cook – The Gentle Art of Regulation
  • David Robinson – Traces of Immortality
  • David Burkett – Walking the Dog
  • Cover Design – Stephen Raw

hr /> 1st edition 1998, Pb, 64pp, many colour plates, 21.5 x 28cm

The Art of Remembering introduced by Lucinda Lambton
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