At Home with Artistic Penwork – Book 2 – Artistic Writing by Stephen A. Ziller



At Home with Artistic Penwork – Book 2 – Artistic Writing by Stephen A. Ziller



Introduction to the “At Home…” series of books

In 1933, after graduating from the Zanerian College, Stephen A. Ziller came to work for F.W. Tamblyn and in 1936 purchased the business from him.

Carrying on the tradition of home study, Stephen A. Ziller, Penman, Engrossing Artist and Designer, wrote five calligraphy books. The calligraphy books are the result of knowledge and experience gained through the years in charge of correspondence students of the Tamblyn School, and the hundreds of actual jobs of finished lettering and engrossed Scrolls, Testimonials and Resolutions made for customers throughout the United States, Canada and Overseas. They were first published in 1946. They are still good today for self study and home schooling.

The books in the series are…
At Home with Artistic Penwork Book 1 - Business Writing was prepared for classroom use as well as home schooling. These lessons for cursive handwriting also called business writing are arranged for easy reference with all necessary letter explanations and keyed illustrations. Streamlined to save both teacher's and student's time, these lessons are good for self study and well as for students who are being home schooled.

At Home with Artistic Penwork – Book 2 – Artistic Writing provides basic training in the art of Artistic Writing (also called Ornamental or Spencerian). This book takes the basic cursive handwriting to a new level of complexity with fancy capitals - included are preliminary instructions, detailed analysis of the letter forms, and properly reproduced fresh-from-pen copies.

At Home with Artistic Penwork – Book 3 – Card Writing acquaints the penman with the "how to" of creating calling cards and announcements. Examples utilize artistic, Spencerian, Ornamental, cursive, business writing, and script lettering styles. This book works on improving one's skill on lettering names on cards.

At Home with Artistic Penwork – Book 4 – Engrossed Alphabets provides broad pen and script alphabets, complete with illustrations and instructions so that advanced students as well as beginners can derive satisfactory benefit from studying the various letters. It is also arranged so that it is an excellent self study calligraphy book.

Styles presented in this book:
  • Modified Old English
  • Medieval
  • Old English
  • Engrosser's Text
  • Italian Style
  • Modified French Roundhand
  • Broad Pen Roman
  • Engravers Script
  • Classic Roman
  • Gothic
  • Plain Print & Script
At Home with Artistic Penwork – Book 5 – Bird and Design Flourishing covers elementary as well as advanced copies in the use of the pen, to show present day adaptation of the beautiful strokes of pen flourishing so widely used in years past. Useful for flourishing simple ornamental designs or elaborate work complete with scrolls, quills, birds and other designs.

These books are available individually or as a set at a discount. See B1233 – At Home with Artistic Penwork Book Set for more information.

Also available from the same publisher is Tamblyn’s Home Instructor in Penmanship

1st published 1946, 3rd reprint 2010, paperback, 32pp, well illustrated throughout, 21.7 x 13.3 cm

At Home with Artistic Penwork – Book 2 – Artistic Writing by Stephen A. Ziller
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