Tamblynís Home Instructor in Penmanship



Tamblyn's Home Instructor in Penmanship



A complete and concise instructor in penmanship for teachers and pupils everywhere who desire to acquire a good handwriting, to gather inspiration and to learn more of the truths concerning this subject.

The preface to the book by the author:
The Purpose of this book is to teach rapid, easy and practical business handwriting. It is designed to be of assistance to the teacher of penmanship in his class work, and particularly helpful to those students who have not the opportunity of placing themselves under the instruction of a practical teacher of writing.

The Tamblyn System is based on Muscular Movement; by some designated as ďArm MovementĒ and by others as ďForearm Movement;Ē which is the only movement that has ever produced practical business writers. While the copies represent a fair degree of accuracy, yet mechanical accuracy, such as used in some copybooks, is purposely avoided. Such mechanical accuracy of copies restricts movement and develops pure finger action.

It has been thoroughly proven that practice from copies mechanically accurate develops a cramped movement. It compels finger action in the formation of letters, giving a fair degree of accuracy in slow writing, and which, when speed is necessary, becomes scribbling, almost illegible. In the Tamblyn System, movement is placed first, accuracy of form secondary.

The lifelessness and mechanical exactness of hand engraved copies which represent the skill of the pencilled and engraver instead of the penman, do not arouse the enthusiasm of the pupil, and tend rather to discourage than to encourage him. On the other hand copies that show they were executed easily and have the appearance of real writing, encourage him with the idea that he will be able to write similarly with reasonable effort and practice.

The exercises and copies given in this book are photo-engraved from actual free hand, rapid writing by the author and are, therefore, an exact representation; and the system is practically the same (with some changes as experience has taught) as employed by him for the past thirty-five years in class work and in correspondence instruction.

Bookseller's comments:
Tamblyn's Home Instructor in Penmanship is probably the most comprehensive manual on American Formal Penmanship and would be ideal for anyone planning to expand their skills of pointed pen calligraphy. Flourishing and Ornamentation are an integral part of this style of writing.

Those interested in, what could be called, the American style of copperplate, would also be interested in seeing the At Home with Artistic Penwork series by Stephen A. Ziller. These books are available individually or as a set at a discount. See B1233 Ė At Home with Artistic Penwork Book Set for more information.

8th edition, 3rd reprint 2013, ring-bound paperback, 174pp, well illustrated throughout, 21.7 x 14cm

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