Sleight of Binding by Cherryl Moote



Sleight of Binding by Cherryl Moote



Publisher’s Synopsis

Sleight of Binding is your introduction to the world of magical books and the wonders of paper folding. Transform an accordion book into a Gallery Book that stands up for display or make a Jacob's Ladder that flips and turns to show new faces. You will be hooked on the magic right from the start.

Learn a new meaning for disappearing cash when you make the Magic Wallet. Make a Kaleidocycle, transforming a flat piece of paper into a 3D form that rotates to reveal new faces with just a few folds and creases. Create flexagons and accordions with disappearing faces. Each project includes complete instructions for paper cutting, folding and assembly that are clear, precise and fully diagrammed.

The instructions are all about making geometric forms easy and have been tested by a team of paper crafters that includes beginners and more seasoned crafting veterans. Full instructions are given for eleven book projects plus four easy storage envelopes and include:
  • Woven Accordions
  • Square Quatragon
  • Rectangular Flexagon
  • Square Flexagon
  • Hexaflexagons
  • Kaleidocycles
  • Gallery Book
  • Chinese Sewing Kit
  • Magic Wallet
  • Two-Panel Jacob's Ladder
  • Multi-Panel Jacob's Ladder
  • No Template Envelope
  • No Template Case
  • Interlocking Square Envelope
  • Magic Circles Envelope
Cherryl Moote's background in calligraphy, her love of paper and fabric crafts, her experience as a teacher along with her ability to write clear instructions have contributed to the success of her series of bookbinding and paper crafting books. She has earned an international reputation for writing instructions that take you through each project in a step-by-step way that gives you immediate success, ¬she even does the math for you!

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1st edition, 2002, ring-bound Pb, 86pp,full of monochrome illustrations, 22 x 28 cm

Sleight of Binding by Cherryl Moote
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