Creative Bookbinding by Pauline Johnson



Creative Bookbinding by Pauline Johnson



Publisher’s Synopsis

A book bound by hand can be a work of art in a way that machine-bound books can never be. And in this comprehensive, profusely illustrated guide to hand bookbinding, a noted expert in the field explains the techniques needed to create your own choice specimens of the binder's art. Directed especially toward beginners, Creative Bookbinding shows how this ancient craft offers a satisfying hobby and rewarding aesthetic experience - even for those with little previous knowledge of the craft. As Pauline Johnson states in the Preface ". . . even with a limited background of knowledge [the craftsperson] can experience a great deal of enjoyment in binding his own books and building up a distinctive personal library of which he can be proud. Each product can be an artistic creation to be cherished."

Detailed illustrated instructions for achieving such beautiful hand-crafted volumes are presented here in a readable, informal and easy-to-follow format. After a brief history of printing and binding, the author provides an in-depth discussion of book design - the proportion and size of books, the parts of a book, materials, tools and equipment needed for book construction (a list of supply sources is included), and more. Working procedures are clearly explained, progressing from binding simple folders, notepads, folios, pamphlets, and magazines to full-size sewn books with bindings of cloth and leather. You'll also find an indispensable chapter on the preservation and repair of valuable or irreplaceable volumes.

Over 600 photographs and diagrams explain and clarify each step of each process, as well as depicting an abundance of beautiful bindings, both ancient and modern. With this book as a guide, bookbinders at all skill levels can strive to achieve similar magnificent results.

1st Dover republication (1990) of the edition published by University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1973, paperback, 261pp, 337 (black and white) line illustrations, 297 (black and white) photographs, 21 x 28 cm

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