Headbands, How To Work Them (paperback) by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hill



Headbands, How To Work Them (paperback) by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hill



Publisher’s Synopsis

The resurgence of interest in hand bookbinding has led to the publication of countless practical manuals on the subject. These manuals tend to provide an outline of the basic bookbinding techniques, but do little to provide detailed information on specific aspects of the craft. A, topic which is often overlooked is how to create headbands-those decorative bands of silk or cotton found fastened inside the top (and sometimes also the bottom) of the back of a book.

Now, at last, two experienced hand bookbinders have produced an easy to use, step-by-step guide showing how to create fourteen different styles of headbands. Separate chapters are devoted to each headband with all the necessary materials and equipment listed at the beginning. Each step is clearly illustrated by an accompanying diagram and all the instructions have been tried out on students of the craft and perfected at the bench so that the easiest and simplest method is presented.

Written for both beginners and experienced binders alike; Headbands has established itself as one of the classic manuals for the hand bookbinder.

What others say about this book…
"The authors state in the preface to this edition that they think 'Headbands is a classic manual that will prove useful for bookbinders today and in the future.' I am sure they are right...” - The New Bookbinder

"Headbands, How To Work Them is clear, direct, and filled with wonderful diagrams, taking one through the winding, twisting, beautiful patterning process as through an exciting adventure-filled maze." -The Guild of Book Workers Newsletter

2nd revised edition, 3rd reprint 2005, paperback, 88pp, step-by-step illustrated instructions, 15.4 x 22.4 cm

Headbands, How To Work Them (paperback) by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hill
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