Colour by Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher



Colour by Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher



Publisher’s Synopsis

This new and updated edition of Colour is an invaluable introduction to the art and science of colour and its uses. The book not only provides a solid and thorough foundation in the aesthetic and practical basics of colour, but it also gives insights into the creative use of colour by artists past and present. The clear, readable text is accompanied by illustrations from both the fine and applied arts, with examples ranging from Old Masters paintings to contemporary design and craft objects. There is also an explanation of colour technologies in computer graphics, and a discussion of the complexities of colour management.

In this book, Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher have provided an indispensable guide for all those who work with colour, whatever the media used.

Paul Zelanski is a professor at the University of Connecticut and Mary Pat Fisher is a freelance writer now based in India. They are also the authors of The Art of Seeing.

3rd updated edition, 1999, Pb, 176pp, full colour throughout, 21.5 x 28 cm

Colour by Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher
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