A Guide to Western Historical Scripts from Antiquity to 1600 by Michelle P. Brown



A Guide to Western Historical Scripts from Antiquity to 1600 by Michelle P. Brown



Part of the introduction to the book
Scope of the Work:
The aim of this work is to provide an aid for a wide variety of readers who wish to trace the evolution of scripts in the West from the world of Antiquity to the early modem period and who desire to read these scripts and to discover more about how they were formed, It is hoped that these purposes are perceived as complementary, or that they may become so.

The range of material and illustrations is far from exhaustive, but it is hoped that the principal lines of development may have been covered. The author extends her apologies to those aggrieved by any omissions (or inclusions).

A synopsis of each of the major phases of development is given, with bibliography, at the beginning of each section, together with comments on regional and chronological diffusion, where appropriate. These are followed by a number of relevant plates, each accompanied by a facing page of commentary which consists of a brief description of the manuscript and its script, a passage of transcription, designed to assist reading practice, and notes highlighting any specific points. Full-page illustrations are given as far as possible in order to give an overall impression of mise-en-page.

This introduction explains the approaches which have been adopted. The contents list is designed to act as a basic index, supplemented by the indices of scripts and manuscripts at the end of the book. The introductory sections, 'Terminology of elements of script’ and 'Codicology' contain explanations of many basic terms found throughout the book, as does the glossary of terms.

Booksellers comments:
The is a book for anyone that wants to understand the development of scripts from the earliest times up until the 1600 (as it say in the tin!). The scripts covered include the full ranges of the following families: Roman; National Hands (German, Luxeuil, Ravenna, Visigothic, etc); Insular Scrips; Anglo-Saxon; Caroline; Protogothic; Gotic Scripts; Italian Scripts; and Humanistic Scripts.

An essential book for the serious student of Historic Hands.

1st edition, 5th reprint, 2007, paperback, 138pp, very well illustrated with over 50 plates, monochrome, 22 x 27.5 cm

A Guide to Western Historical Scripts from Antiquity to 1600 by Michelle P. Brown
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