Encyclopedia of the Book by Geoffrey Ashall Glaister



Encyclopedia of the Book by Geoffrey Ashall Glaister



Publisher’s Synopsis

Glaister's Encyclopedia of the Book has established itself as the standard reference guide to the book. The breadth of its scope is remarkable; it contains over 3,000 alphabetically-arranged definitions of the terms used in bookbinding, printing, papermaking, and the book trade. There are also biographical details of printers, authors, book¬binders, bibliophiles: and precise notes on machinery and equipment, famous books, printing societies, book-related organizations, customs of the trade, etc.

Donald Farren's new introduction explicates the place of Glaister's book in the tra¬dition of such encyclopedias, assesses the achievement that the book represents as the work of one person, and delineates the concept of "the book" that underlies Glaister's work. In addition Farren provides a conspectus of the alphabetically-arranged topics covered by Glaister that elucidates the conceptual structure of the work.

Like its predecessors the new printing of this classic reference work is sure to be indispensable to librarians, bibliophiles, booksellers, historians of the book, and practitioners of the book arts and crafts, indeed to all involved in the graphic arts or the book trade.

About the authors
Geoffrey Glaister (1917-1985) began his career as a librarian in 1934 when he joined Bradford Public Libraries. He served in fourteen different countries as a British Council librarian and was a life member of the Bibliographical Society and :he Printing Historical Society.

Donald Farren, now retired as a rare books and special collections librarian, is a writer on bibliophilic and bibliographical subjects and occasional consultant.

What others say about the book
“its standard of fullness and of informative precision is remarkably high,..” - The Times Literary Supplement “Here is a reference library volume that will be of lasting value to students in technical colleges and graphic arts schools, librarians and literary students . . ." - Printing World

2nd edition 1996, paperback, 550pp, packed with illustrations, examples and photographs, 17.9 x 25.2 cm

Encyclopedia of the Book by Geoffrey Ashall Glaister
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