The Wilcox Guide to the finest Watercolour Paints by Michael Wilcox



The Wilcox Guide to the Finest Watercolour Paints



Foreword to the book by Joy Turner Luke

This is a landmark book for artists. It contains a surprising amount of information that is not available elsewhere. Equally important, the information is presented in a handsome, easily referenced format. No matter how knowledgeable you are as an artist, you are going to be surprised by some of the facts in this book. It is the first publication to cover the wide range of pigments currently used in artists' watercolours, many of them almost unknown in the art community. In fact, it is the first to completely document the pigments used in any artists' medium.

This book summarizes what is known about these pigments and gives the watercolours that contain each pigment. The major watercolour manufacturers around the world are covered, along with a thumbnail sketch of the individual companies. No matter where you live some of the brands described in the book will be available. Colour reproductions of each watercolour, coupled with a description of its handling qualities, add another essential piece of information. The guidance on colour mixing is a bonus.

It was a herculean task to gather, evaluate and compile this information, and even more difficult to present it in a practical form, as Michael Wilcox has done. When I heard his plan for this book I realized how valuable it would be, but wondered if it would be possible to acquire the necessary information and put it together in one manageable book. It is a great pleasure to see what can be accomplished through courage, determination and skill.

The pigment used in a paint determines how long the colour will last. It is also the most expensive ingredient in a paint, so there is a strong economic incentive for companies to use the less expensive pigments. Sometimes this works to the artist's advantage since the best pigments are not always the most expensive ones, but it can also lead to use of inferior pigments. Knowledge on the part of artists counter balances this pressure. The more knowledgeable you are, the better supplies you will have.

The art teacher and the artist buying paints, have been looking at a giant jigsaw puzzle with most of its pieces missing.

Michael Wilcox has supplied those pieces. This book provides the tools to safeguard your work and to reform the industry. Companies will supply what artist will buy. Joy Turner Luke - Former Chair, Artist Equity Association Materials Research Committee. Former Chair, American Society for Testing & Materials Sub¬committee on Artists' Paints. Former member of U.S. Bureau of Standards Committee on Artists' Paints. Past President Inter-Society Colour Council.

2002 edition, Pb, 408pp, full colour throughout, 21.5 x 28 cm

The Wilcox Guide to the Finest Watercolour Paints
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