Manuscript Inks by Jack C Thompson



Manuscript Inks by Jack C Thompson



Publisher’s Synopsis

Do you want the answers to these questions?
  • How old is iron gall ink?
  • Why did some iron gall inks corrode parchment and paper and others did not?
  • Is the method of parchment manufacture important?
  • What are Aleppo galls, and are they important?
  • What is copperas, and how is it manufactured?
  • How was traditional Jewish ink manufactured?
  • What makes a Japanese or Chinese ink stick good?
  • What are ink grinding slates, and how can you recognize a good one?
  • When is a "rotten" ink better?
These questions and many more are answered in Manuscript Inks

This book also contains the complete transcription of a 16th c. Booke of Secrets on ink making and includes a comprehensive technical glossary and extensive bibliography.

Jack C. Thompson has studied ancient, medieval, and renaissance material culture for nearly 25 years, and has operated the Thompson Conservation Laboratory in Portland, Oregon for 20 years. Each summer he co-teaches a workshop on the technology of the medieval book with Jim Croft in the woods of northern Idaho where they have built a medieval-style, water driven papermill.

1st edition, 1996, Pb, 65pp, 13.7 x 21 cm

Manuscript Inks by Jack C Thompson
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