Uncommon Numbers edited by Brenda Casey Zoby



Uncommon Numbers edited by Brenda Casey Zoby



Publisher’s Synopsis
Calligraphic Numerals, by definition, should be not merely legible and functional, but beautiful. Calligraphers and lettering artists use them every day to write numbers on envelopes, certificates, invitations, business cards, signs, and posters, among other things. Yet when we study calligraphic hands, the numerals are often glossed over or treated as an afterthought. Martin Jackson has pointed out that, in the entire 428 pages of Writing & Illuminating, & Lettering, Edward Johnston devoted only half a page to numerals!

The purpose of Uncommon Numbers is to draw attention to a largely overlooked subject and to provide the best possible examples of written and drawn numerals for study and inspiration. In collecting the artwork, an effort was made to represent as many lettering styles as possible to illustrate the book's major premise: that calligraphic numerals can and should be just as well crafted as calligraphic letters, and that beautiful numbers will have the same balance, character and proportion as the letterforms with which they are used - an integration accomplished by use of the same pen strokes for both forms. (The terms "numeral" and "number" are often used as if they were interchangeable, but for our purposes, "numeral" refers to an abstract, general symbol and "number" refers to one or more numerals assigned to designate a particular thing or place.)

Thirty-two master calligraphers from the United States, Canada, England, Wales, Germany, and France have contributed breathtaking numerals that are, in turn, elegant, whimsical, bold, delicate, traditional, and innovative. What they all have in common is the same grace and flair and life as the letters that stand beside them.

Contributing Artists include:
Alice Koeth, Jean Larcher, Paul Shaw, Nancy Culmone, Georgina Artlgas, Adolf Bernd, Claude Dieterich, Suzanne Moore, Peter Thornton, Alan Blackman, Ward Dunham, Raphael Boguslav, Jean Formo, Gail Vick, Robert Boyajian, Charles Pearce, Julian Waters, Martin Jackson, Sheila Waters, Michael Kecseg, Anna Pinto, Patricia Weisberg, Sherri Kiesel, John Woodcock, Ieuan Rees, Patricia Buttice, Stan Knight, Carl Rohrs and Hermann Zapf

See also The Uncommon Numbers Trilogy (B1222), where this volume and the other 2 Uncommon Numbers Books are available as a set complete with free slip case and at a discounted price
1st edition, 1996, Pb, 64pp, monochrome throughout, 21.5 x 14 cm

Uncommon Numbers edited by Brenda Casey Zoby
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