Text in the Book Format by Keith Smith



Text in the Book Format by Keith Smith


Publisher's Synopsis
The Book Format is movement. Rhythms of syllables and moving; pictures of implied imagery flowing within text is akin to music and cinema. Events depicted in writing unfold through time in space alongside the physical act of turning pages.

Awareness of space of the page, and composing the pages as well as the text, revolutionizes writing styles because it is a departure from the concept of seamless writing of a running manuscript. The writer can take into consideration the demands and oppor¬tunities of the multiple page format via the computer.

Pacing of the book is the synchronization or synco¬pation of the content with turning pages. The format can reinforce and even speak aside from the text. Writing specifically in the book format, as opposed to a running manuscript, brings to the reader a book experience.

Keith Smith has received two Guggenheim Fellow¬ships and a National Endowment for the Arts grant. Smith has made over 150 one-of-a-kind books and 25 published books to date. All titles are available directly from the author.

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