Calligraphy - The Art of Written Forms by Donald M. Anderson



Calligraphy - The Art of Written Forms by Donald M. Anderson



Publisher’s Synopsis

"A detailed and highly sensitive study of the art and craft of writing ... the best book of its kind and the most thoughtful I've seen" - John Raymond, Atlanta Constitution.

This highly praised book, one of the most widely read and consulted texts on calligraphy ever written, treats in one comprehensive, superbly illustrated volume both the historical and practical aspects of letters and writing systems. Quoting rare historic texts as well as key modern sources, it surveys the history, theory, materials and techniques of calligraphy, typography and constructed letters.

Professor Anderson first discusses forms of writing in existence before the development of the alphabet-Sumerian, Egyptian and Hittite among them-then traces the emergence of alphabetical systems in the classical civilizations. The appearance of the book in the Middle Ages and the rise of the writing systems of the Irish, Anglo-Saxons and Carolingians are covered in Part II, "The Grand Age of Manuscripts."

A fascinating section on the writing masters of the Renaissance follows, along with studies of typefaces pioneered by Gutenberg, Garamond, Caxton and Caslon, and commentaries on the work of William Morris, the Bauhaus, Eric Gill and leading contemporary European and American calligraphers. Students will find the carefully detailed section on the tools and techniques of pen calligraphy especially valuable.

Over 500 illustrations, each a functional extension of the text, along with pictorial studies of Greek, Aramaic and Chinese calligraphy and an exhaustive bibliography of scholarly and technical references, complete this model study, praised in Library Journal as "a beautifully produced quarto work" and in American Artist as "one of the most comprehensive and well made histories of lettering and calligraphy ... crammed with information on every aspect of the alphabet."

1st Dover edition 1992, Pb, 358pp, 319 halftones and 203 line illustrations, 24 x 27.3 cm

Calligraphy - The Art of Written Forms by Donald M. Anderson
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