A Simple Guide to Italic Handwriting by Nancy Winters



A Simple Guide to Italic Handwriting by Nancy Winters



Preface to the Book

This booklet by Nancy Winters, teacher and Calligrapher, is dedicated by the Society for italic Handwriting to a remarkable woman - the late dowager Marchioness of Cholmondeley, CBE. She succeeded her husband as President of the Society in 1968, and she remained President until her death at the age of 95 in 1989. She was a vigorous and generous friend of the Society, taking a close interest in its activities, for more than 30 years.

In November 1992, the Society celebrated its 40th birthday. It owes its creation to Alfred Fairbank, one of the most notable British calligraphers, and to Joseph Compton a Director of Education in London. The aims of the society can be expressed briefly: to sustain the revival of italic handwriting and, in the words of its trust deed, "to secure the advancement of education in relation to handwriting generally, and particularly in so far as concerns italic handwriting and associated techniques."

But these aims are less easy to fulfill. There is no lack of interest today in calligraphy and in the art of good writing and with the valuable support of its Past President, Humphrey Lyttelton, the Society continued to flourish. But the teaching of good handwriting presents problems in many schools. What should be taught - and how? Hence the need for this booklet - designed primarily to help teachers and learners by providing an easy and straightforward guide to the teaching of handwriting in the italic mode. There are other modes of handwriting, but the case for italic is compelling: it is the fastest and clearest cursive hand. Furthermore, it is elegant to the eye, as the great writing masters of the 16th Century first demonstrated. It is functional and also fun, as the practitioners of today quickly find.

Patrick Nairne - March, 1992

The SIH celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002 with the release of the book 'Dance of the Pen'.

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A great little book and a “must have” for anyone wanting to improve their hand writing.

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A Simple Guide to Italic Handwriting by Nancy Winters
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