Fountain Pens - the illustrated identifier to over 130 pens by Jonathan Steinberg



Fountain Pens - The Illustrated Identifier to over 130 Pens by Jonathan Steinberg



Publisher’s Synopsis

Fountain pens are one of the most popular new collectibles. Whether you are an established collector or a newcomer to this fascinating hobby, Fountain Pens is a comprehensive survey of this enthralling subject.

A brief introduction to the history and development of the fountain pen leads into the main part of this guide, a directory, which illustrates and describes some of the most beautiful pens by both the world's greatest and lesser known manufacturers. Learn why some pens are more valuable than others, how to check whether a pen has been doctored or is original and develop a greater understanding of different mechanisms and their importance in the development of the fountain pen. Each entry gives you the date, manufacturer and the size, together with pertinent information about that particular pen. Together with an invaluable guide to manufacturers, advice when buying pens and useful addresses, Fountain Pens is an essential reference for those who want to collect elegant pens and also for those who value the style that they bring to the handwritten word.

About the author
Jonathan Steinberg is an international lawyer whose involvement with vintage pens spans 20 years. As well as being an avid collector he has written numerous magazine articles for international publications. His travels around the world have made him many contacts in the field and appearances on television and radio worldwide have made him a frequently-quoted expert. He also organizes fountain pen shows in Milan, Rome, Hong Kong and Sao Paolo. The material in this book previously appeared in Fountain Pens by Jonathan Steinberg.

1st edition 1998, Hb, 80pp, full colour throughout, 15.5 x 20.2 cm

Fountain Pens - The Illustrated Identifier to over 130 Pens by Jonathan Steinberg
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