Computers and Typography compiled by Rosemary Sassoon



Computers and Typography compiled by Rosemary Sassoon



Publisher’s Synopsis

Anyone, even with the cheapest word processor or desktop publishing software, can produce professional, expensive looking documents - or can they?

Letters of all kinds appear today at the press of a button, even school children can be editors, but the discrimination and the skills of layout, spacing and usage of type that used to take a lifetime to develop are being ignored. Those in the field of computers seem not even to be aware of what to look out for, much less do they have the knowledge to judge between good and bad - more or less legible letters or to discern the gradual deterioration of detail as a result of digitisation.

This book tries to raise awareness of the most important issues in producing good typography and demonstrates why the lessons that have been learned in the past five centuries of traditional typography cannot be ignored. Indeed, the book itself stands as a model of good typographic practices.

Contributions fall under five headings:
  • Spacing and Layout,
  • Typographic Choices - Latin and Other Alphabets,
  • Technical Issues in Type Design,
  • Lessons to be Learned from the History of Typography, and
  • Research and the Perception of Type.
Chapters are contributed by international experts in their chosen field. The clarity and impact of each presentation makes this an invaluable book for all concerned with teaching, design or who produce documents of all kinds.

About the Presenter…
Dr Rosemary Sassoon was awarded a PhD for research into handwriting from the Department of Typography, University of Reading, and now works as an independent consultant. In a very busy and varied career she has worked as a scribe, designed textiles and packaging, and is a prolific writer and presenter of papers throughout the world. As an author some of Dr Sassoon's books include:
  • The Practical Guide to Calligraphy
  • The Practical Guide to Lettering
  • Handwriting: a New Perspective
  • Handwriting Books for Children's English
  • Teach Yourself Handwriting
  • The Art and Science of Handwriting
Contributions from…
  • Gunnlaugur SE Briem
  • Fernand Baudin,
  • Elwyn and Michael Blacker
  • Mike Daines,
  • Ari Davidow
  • Alan Marshall
  • James Hartley
  • Rosemary Sassoon
  • Richard Southall
  • Roger Watt.
    1st edition1993, Pb, 208ppmany illustrations throughout, 18 x 23 cm

  • Computers and Typography compiled by Rosemary Sassoon
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