The Acquisition of a Second Writing System by Rosemary Sassoon



The Acquisition of a Second Writing System by Rosemary Sassoon



Publisher’s Synopsis

This book is concerned with writing systems in a multi-cultural context. The field of English as a second language is well researched and documented, but the equally important subject of how to acquire the Latin alphabet as a second writing system, or how to alter from any particular writing system to another, has seldom been considered. An analytical approach to this subject is provided, starting with a system for comparing the rules of writing systems and leading to practical help for teachers and students. Examples of many of the world's writing systems are used to pinpoint areas of possible difficulty, and the subject is expanded to cross-cultural typography and computers. This is a hook for language teachers and students around the world, from the primary school to the university level. Also important to anyone interested in handwriting, or cross-cultural issues in the widest sense.

Some topics covered:
  • Comparing the rules of writing systems
  • Writing materials arid writing posture
  • Statistics or observations: which helps us most?
  • Assessment
  • Handwriting models and teaching techniques
  • Handwriting and personality
  • Handwriting, society and politics
  • Handwriting and typography
  • Computers and handwriting
About the Author
Dr. Rosemary Sassoon was awarded a Ph.D by the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading, for her work on the effects of models and methods on the joins in children's handwriting. She now works as an independent consultant. She is a prolific researcher, writer and international lecturer. Her books include;
  • Teach Yourself Better Handwriting
  • Handwriting the Way to Teach it
  • Handwriting; a New Perspective
  • Computers and Typography
  • and The Art and Science of Handwriting

1st edition 1995, Pb, 160pp, well illustrated throughout, 17.5 23 cm

The Acquisition of a Second Writing System by Rosemary Sassoon
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