Graphic Sayings by David Kindersley



Graphic Sayings by David Kindersley



Foreword to the book by David Kindersley

The reception of my little book 'Variations on the Theme of 26 Letters' has encouraged me to venture still further. Having explored to some extent the shape of letters in alphabetic form it seems natural enough to make words and even in some cases to let words make pictures.

The task of finding 'sayings' and 'proverbs', generally so difficult, was made easier by the kind permission of Idries Shah to let me quote from his books, from which all the designs are derived. One great joy is their humour and another that they tend to be the right length, matching both the size of paper and my limited power of sustained attention in their execution. Jonathan Cape and The Octagon Press who published the books concerned kindly agreed to the pilfering.

For those who find difficulty in deciphering certain of the designs the answers are to be found at the back of the book.

These designs are originally drawings in pen on sheets of mould made paper 22" x 30", which are then printed full size on similar paper and individually painted - DAVID KINDERSLEY

2nd edition 1991, paperback, 20pp, 18 great pieces of Kindersley’s work, 17.4 x 12.4 cm

Graphic Sayings by David Kindersley
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