Ornamental Calligraphy by George J. Becker



Ornamental Calligraphy by George J. Becker



Publisher’s Synopsis

Reprinted from a rare 19th-century volume, the plates in this book comprise a remarkable series of studies (including 23 complete alphabets) in ornate penmanship. Among the lettering styles and designs superbly illustrated on fifty full-page plates are Roman print, German text, Old English print, English church text, conveyancer's hand, German capitals and epistolary writing, spurred and finished block letters, Egyptian finished and unfinished text, Arabic, Egyptian and Gothic figures, flourishes and more.

Anyone interested in the art of ornamental penmanship will find inspiration and new insights on every page of this fascinating work. In addition to the plates, valuable notes and instructions on flourishing, ornamental lettering, pens, sitting positions and other topics will be as relevant for today's calligraphers as for those of a century ago. Ornamental Calligraphy is also an excellent and inexpensive source of copyright-free calligraphic designs for use in many arts and crafts.

1st Dover edition 1993, Pb, 64pp, 52 full-page black-and-white plates, 21.3 x 28.5 cm

Ornamental Calligraphy by George J. Becker
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