Hermann Zapf: A Life in Letters



Hermann Zapf: A Life in Letters by Julian Waters



Introduction to the book by Julian Waters.
This monograph is a tribute to Hermann Zapf who died at his home in June 2015 at age 96. He was a monumental presence in 20th century lettering design, and was also a good friend to calligraphers worldwide. Here we can share only a few highlights from his enormous output of unparalleled work. For more about other works by HZ, please consult the Resources section at the end of this issue.

Inexperienced calligraphers tend to categorize type into one slot and calligraphy into another, but many of the great lettering artists over the centuries designed typefaces, an essential part of their working life. There was a time when the highest accomplishment for a professional calligrapher was to have a typeface accepted by a type foundry. Founding metal type was a very laborious process, a far cry from digital alphabet design of today. Zapf’s type designs were accepted at a very early age. Since then, Zapf’s types spanned all the historical developments from hand punch cutting and hot metal type founding to photo to digital technologies. All the while, his calligraphic experiments provided the foundations for many of his typeface designs.

Zapf was the 20th century’s preeminent virtuosic calligrapher, a quiet trailblazer whose in uence runs so wide and so deep that it cannot be quanti ed. Some calligraphers are familiar with a few of his many beautiful typefaces, but most are not familiar with his work as a prolific book designer and typographer. In Zapf’s book designs, he often married his own typefaces and hand lettering with tasteful typography. He was a master of all these disciplines and more; he was also a warm, and generous person who enjoyed life. He often quipped that he was suspicious of fanatical or compulsive “calliholics.” He was my teacher and friend for three and a half decades, a mentor and inspiration to countless calligraphers and designers the world over.

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Hermann Zapf: A Life in Letters by Julian Waters
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