Illumination Gold and Colour by Patricia Lovett



Illumination Gold and Colour by Patricia Lovett



Publisher’s synopsis:
Patricia Lovett is one of the world’s leading authorities on the techniques and practical processes of making mediæval manuscripts. She lectures and teaches all over the world on calligraphy and illumination, and has written about a dozen books on these subjects, as well as producing a DVD – Illumination – Tools, Materials, Techniques, Projects. Patricia has run calligraphy courses as well as those on traditional manuscript gilding and painting techniques, and was awarded an MBE for her services to heritage crafts and calligraphy. This book takes the beginner and those with more experience through step-by-step processes to produce simple and easy projects using cheap metals and modern adhesives, and also to create mediæval miniatures and illuminated scrolls on vellum (animal skin).

Introduction to the book by the author:
There is something special about gold and colour that has lasting appeal. This was appreciated by the many scribes and illuminators who produced stunning mediaeval and Renaissance manuscripts, of which we have only a fraction now. Jewel colours of vermilion, ultramarine and verdigris with rich shiny metal delighted the eye and made these books magnificent.

l was fortunate enough to have been taught on a course which was similar to the training of those mediaeval scribes, and, having illuminated a great number of pieces since that time, I have experimented with the methods and techniques of illumination to refine and attempt to simplify the processes and reduce the mystique.

This book includes details of the tools and materials that you will need to paint and letter with metals and colour. It tells you how to take care of what you buy and how to save money by purchasing only the most appropriate items.

It also gives clear instructions on how to use different metallic pigments and leaves, and takes the mystery out of using gesso and gold leaf. There are special ‘Instruction Boxes' for quick reference and easy to follow steps. In addition there are writing styles and colour mixing reference pages.

Finally there are many projects from the simplest of gift tags, which just about anyone can do, to producing an illuminated address with gold leaf on gesso. Each of the projects is clearly explained with the tools and materials required and the stages in production are detailed. A number of the projects are commissions and show the variety of work a professional scribe and illuminator is asked to do.

Contents of the book include:
Foreword to the book by Professor Michelle Brown
1. Introduction by the author
2. How mediaeval manuscripts were made:
Parchment and Vellum, Quills, Ink, Brushes, Pigments, Painting process, Gold
3. Tools:
Brushes, Pens and Quills, Other pens, Burnishers, Gilders cushion, knife and tip, Additional equipment.
4 Materials:
Ink, Gouache, Colour and colour mixing, Metallic powders and paints, Gold and silver powder, shell gold and silver, Metallic leaf, Vellum and parchment, Paper, Adhesive, Gesso.
5. Projects:
Gift tags, A touch of gold on a quotation, Gold on an awards certificate, A touch of gold on cards, Italic, Renaissance capitals, Flourishes, Writing names in gold for cards, Nameplates with a metallic touch, Writing text with gold, Text with metallic leaf and metallic gouache, Writing on vellum with gold leaf, Writing on vellum with shell gold, Gilding and painting a mediaeval miniature, An illuminated address, Gothic minuscules, Gothic majuscules.
6. Pigments:
... and finally, an extensive index.

Booksellers comments:
There is so much information contained in this books 160 pages. Illustrations, Alphabet Charts, Step-by-Step Instructions on Gilding and Painting Miniatures, Colour Wheels, Colour Mixing Charts, etc., etc.

This superb book would suit both experienced and calligraphers that are venturing into Illumination for the first time. Coupled with Patricia’s DVD, Illumination: Tools, Materials, Techniques, Projects it provides anyone venturing into illumination with a complete resource package. Highly recommended!

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1st Edition, 2015, paperback, 160 pages, over 200 photographs, 21 x 21cm

Illumination Gold and Colour by Patricia Lovett
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